Traditional English shoemakers since 1886


Founded in 1886 Joseph Cheaney & Sons are traditional English shoemakers located in the heart of Northamptonshire designing and hand making shoes to the highest quality. Unlike other factories at the time, Cheaney and Sons was dedicated to producing the whole of the shoe. From the cutting and sealing of the leather uppers, to the last screw and nails, to the final attentive polish, the entire manufacturing process was completed within the walls of the Cheaney factory.

Today the brand is well known around the world and has 8 prominent stores in key locations in England. They continue to expand their collection of classic and contemporary styles for both men and women. A comprehensive selection of accessories such as belts, bags, socks, and care tools have also been added.


Cheaney had just opened a new flagship store on the world famous Jermyn Street in London, which is home almost exclusively to high end gentlemen’s clothing brands, when they invited my agency to pitch for their upcoming marketing campaigns. The new store designed by Checkland Kindleysides was a large departure from the traditional mahogany and orange interior more commonly seen within the shoemaking industries retail environments and positioned them in direct competition with brands more familiar to a consumer. Their new location and appearance would be the inspiration and guide for the upcoming campaigns to follow.

“Alex is a highly creative designer and developer. I was particularly impressed with his ability to understand the brand message and carve creative collateral that persists to this day. He is able to communicate his ideas clearly and delivers within the timeframe set.”

Neil Kirkby
Head of Sales – Cheaney Shoes Ltd.

Typography and colour palette refresh.


After completing a detailed discovery process into Cheaney’s brand heritage and product ranges, which included visits to stores, a tour of the factory and an overview of their production process which helps to set them apart from the competition, we pitched a number of ideas and concepts for ways to develop their marketing and ultimately won the account against 5 other agencies.

The first element of the work we completed was to introduce a new selection of fonts to align their typography with the nature of their product and convey an image of exclusivity, quality and style. Along with this we also developed a new colour palette which consisted of neutral warm and cool greys and contrasting blues to match their new flagship store. The next item for us to address would be the selection and quality of image assets available, improving product photography with 5 new angles to be used across online, PR, print advertising and catalogues. A two day shoot at the factory allowed us to document the unique design and production processes along with gathering hero product shots. Location shoots at heritage sites in the world famous shoemaking capital, Northamptonshire, introduced lifestyle imagery to the marketing strategy and added a new dynamic to help the brand catch up with its rivals.