Europe's strongest network in the jewellery industry


The Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) is the largest network of leading independent retail jewellers across the UK and Ireland. Formed in 1980, and now established for 35 years, their 160 members include quality, established family jewellers, and some of the most forward-thinking contemporary jewellers in the UK and Ireland, who collectively own more than 400 stores. When you buy from a Master Jeweller, you can be sure that you are buying from an expert.

The CMJ host two buying meetings per year which displays some of the biggest jewellery and watch brands, they also run the UK Jewellery Conference and regional meetings the length of the country. At the 2016 CMJ AGM, they reported another record-breaking year, with sales through the group rising to over £166.6m and gross profit up by 6.6% to £2.44m.

They are the most progressive and proactive jewellery and watch buying group in the UK and Ireland, helping all of their members to grow and increase profits while retaining their vital independence. CMJ have to continually evolve in response to the changing retail world and needs of their members. In a highly competitive market, the CMJ helps independent retailers stay one step ahead.


Over recent years the CMJ has experienced huge growth in membership numbers and annual turnover along with the increased quantity and scale of the events they host each year. The methods and materials used to communicate with both B2B and B2C audiences were no longer effective and had become dated. Participation and interaction patterns of existing members had become stale and the brand proposition was predictable and no longer as appealing to potential new members. The brand had become fragmented and numerous iterations were in use as it wasn’t suitable for digital platforms.

“Alex is an innovative, lateral thinker and he captures the brief really well. He has a great commercial perspective and will always think one step ahead of you, which is always helpful when investing in brand marketing, design and digital communication.”

Lisa Curley
Marketing Manager – The Company of Master Jewellers Ltd.


Collectively owned by its 160 independent retail members there are a large number of interested stakeholders in the success and development of the CMJ. Already well known within the jewellery industry, any work undertaken would have to build on the established brand values and enhance the familiar appearance of the organisation.

The traditional heraldic crest contained a number of elements relevant to the role played by the CMJ and formed the base of the re-brand. The griffon, a powerful, mythical creature known for guarding priceless possessions representative of jewellery and the businesses within the group. A diamond, the ultimate symbol of adornment and a trusting bond between people. And a crown displaying status, approved by the collective.

The new griffon would sit above two differing wordmarks depending on the audience. The brand is now referred to as CMJ within the industry, whilst consumers will respond to the more evocative name ‘The Company of Master Jewellers’. A full suite of corporate colours, fonts, stationary, layouts and styling was developed along with a new membership recruitment campaign, event marketing and signage and website.